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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Education, Experience and Certification Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in special education, behavior analysis or other related fields is required
  •  BCBA certification required
  • Current Maryland Behavior Analyst License
  • Two or more years of successful behavioral experience working with children on the autism spectrum and experience working in a school setting is preferred
  • Knowledge of DSM and IDEA and their specific applications to educating students with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities preferred
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) abilities are a plus

Key Job Functions:

  • Employ behavioral strategies and techniques to provide appropriate behavioral interventions to encourage students to be school ready
  • Ensure behavioral support service requirements are met to maintain 100% compliance with students’ IEPs and requirements are rendered as prescribed on the IEP
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to adapt a variety of therapeutic interventions and behavior management practices to meet the needs of individual students; evaluate therapeutic effectiveness, document, and make modifications based on data, reflection and feedback
  • Conduct student functional behavioral assessments (FBAs)
  • Participate in the development and monitoring of students’ IEPs, BIPs, and FBAs including completion of required documentation within set guidelines
  • Complete required related service notes and billing documentation accurately and within assigned deadlines
  • Provide behavioral supervision to assigned staff to help the staff understand the students’ social, emotional, and academic profile; collaborate with these staff to develop and implement specialized interventions and incentive plans as needed
  • Demonstrate knowledge of special education laws and regulations including IDEA, FERPA, COMAR, and DCMR; monitor staff compliance with laws and regulations
  • Assist with the interviewing, hiring, supervision, coaching, progressive counseling, and termination process for assigned support staff; complete performance evaluations and individual goal creation and reviews for assigned staff
  • Provide staff training on behavior management procedures and program processes; maintain BCBA certifications and conduct regularly scheduled training to ensure all staff have tools to assist students in displaying appropriate behaviors and to obtain or maintain their certifications
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how our students’ disabilities impact their behavior and ability to learn; display knowledge of students’ diagnoses and adapt intervention strategies accordingly to meet the requirements of the students’ IEPs and BIPs
  • Ensure the expectations for learning and standards for classroom participation and behavior are followed; effectively manage student behavior through implementation of positive behavioral management systems, school rules, policies, and procedures, and model appropriate behavior for students during the school day; assist students with using strategies to decrease and avoid inappropriate behaviors 
  • Proactively identify behaviors among all students that could lead to a crisis, an unsafe situation or disrupt the learning environment; use effective behavior management techniques to address these behaviors in order to limit the severity and length of disruptions
  • Develop treatment plans to address behaviors, communication and social skills deficits