The Foundation School Leadership

Gina James, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. James brings 20 plus years of experience and expertise working in the educational field to The Foundation Schools. Mrs. James holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology and two Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Master’s Degree in Special Education with a specialty area in educating emotionally disabled students. Mrs. James currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities and the District of Columbia Association for Special Education.

“My passion is working with disadvantaged students to reach their highest potential and helping our staff become effective leaders for our students.”

Lore Percival

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Percival has been with The Foundation Schools for 35 years. As the Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Percival demonstrates her excellence and expertise in financial management. Her passion continues to be one of promoting fiscal responsibility and financially sound business practices to ensure the stability of the mission, programs, employment and ongoing operations of the organization.

“My goal for The Foundation Schools has always been to develop our financial resources to ensure for the long-term financial sustainability of the organization.”