We’re Open at the Blair G. Ewing Center!


We are so excited to announce and celebrate the opening of The Foundation School at Blair G. Ewing. The Foundation School at Blair G. Ewing is a Type II program, non-public day school, within a public school setting, for students with emotional disabilities in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools. There has been an increasing demand for programming for students with special needs, specifically in the areas of social-emotional and learning challenges. We are so proud to be expanding our service so we can reach more students who require specialized care. 

The Foundation School at Blair G. Ewing will provide IEP-tailored services, positive behavior interventions and supports, social skills training, specialized counseling, and other related services. This is a small program limited to a middle school classroom and a high school classroom that will hold a maximum of nine students in each class.

We are so thankful for the hard work of the incredible staff at The Foundation School at Blair G. Ewing Center and our partners at MCPS as we continue to expand and meet the demand for special education in Montgomery County.