Spooky Story Contest


To celebrate the season, students showed their creative writing skills with a spooky story contest. Students in all grade levels were tasked to write an original spooky story in 50-2000 words. They were then judged by a committee of staff who picked one high school and one lower school winner, as well as a pair of honorable mention submissions. Overall, more than 15 students participated in the contest. Read our winning stories below:


Lost in the Woods – by an FSMC High School Student

One day, I was invited to this party where I met some of my friends. We played, danced, and ate a lot of food. The night had ended, and I realized that it was too late to go home. I asked my friend if I could stay. My friend said I could stay, but there was no room left. So I had to use the attic. When I walked up the stairs to get to the attic, there were spider webs and a lot of dust. I had to sleep on the floor because there was no bed. That night, it took me a very long time to fall asleep. Then I finally went to sleep two hours later. I woke up and found myself in the woods. I was very confused on how I got there. There was a very cold breeze, spooky sounds of wolves, crickets, and it was really dark and cold. I started to find my way back to my friend’s house. It was too dark, so I had to use my flashlight to help me find my way. I kept walking, but I started to notice that I was seeing the same things. Then, I got scared and started to cry. After a while, I heard my friend’s voice calling my name. I knew I had to get to her somehow, so I started to follow her voice. Then someone came behind me putting their hands over my mouth preventing me from getting to my friend. I tried to fight him off of me by kicking and pushing him. But then he picked me up and threw me in a ditch. I started to fall down the dark hole. I convinced myself that there was no way out, so I gave up on hope of finding my way back home. I looked down, and I saw a rope at my feet. I felt so much joy when I saw this rope. I tied the end of the rope and threw it up towards a small rock to climb up. I was able to reach the ground. I started to hear my friend calling my name again. I ran as quickly as I could to get to her. Once I got closer to her voice, I saw this bright light beaming at me. I soon realized that I was waking up from the worst nightmare ever!!



The Case of Kate and the Ghostly Werewolf – by an FSMC Middle School Student

One day on a dark, rainy night, in a dark quiet neighborhood. There was a very odd, distant scream. It was the screams of a young girl with even more screams in the distance of a family screaming for help because their daughter is missing. It’s a family of 2 (two); a mother and a father. It’s midnight and no one has seen their daughter. The family starts to panic, the mothers heart is racing and pacing back and forth. Read More. The father got so worried they decided to call the cops. The respondent picks up, “911 what’s your emergency?” The father says “my daughter is gone, please come to…” the respondents replied “an investigator is on his way, he should be there in 15 minutes.” the respondent hung up. About 15 minutes later the investigator arrived at the family’s house. “Hi, I’m the investigator, Paul.” Paul starts asking the family questions “What’s your daughter’s name?” the mother replies “her name is Kate” Paul also asks “where was Kate seen last?”  the mother replies ”Kate was just in her room until we woke up from her screaming” Paul asks, “do you know when Kate disappeared?” the father answers “around 20 minutes ago.” Paul’s last question was “is there anywhere else Kate could go? Family? Friends perhaps?” mother replies, but with aggression  “NO! I haven’t, I just need to find my daughter” Paul and the family head up the squeaky stairs to investigate Kate’s room, once they enter the room they realize there are a lot of claw marks almost like a big werewolf. The claw marks were all over the ceiling and mainly around her window, facing a forest right behind the house. Paul goes “Woah, this is… weird. What happened here? A dogfight? Hah (literally).” Wind lashing through the window as it slowly stops raining, the curtains being blown away gently. As everybody walks out the room they hear a very close scream, coming from the windows facing the forest. It seems to be Kate screaming, they look out the window, they see nothing. They take one more good look, they see red glowing eyes in a ghostly figure… Paul goes “What the…” everyone was speechless as the eyes disappeared into the forest. Paul decides it’s a “good” idea to go investigate the “red eyes” in the deep forest. The mother goes “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Paul replies “As long as you want to find Kate.” The mother goes “Ugh fine” they slowly walk into the forest, flashlights shining through the light rain. Tree leaves falling, branches falling and swinging over top of their heads. Paul goes “This is where the ‘red eyes’ were”. The mother goes “Yes I can see that” Paul says to himself  “That was sooo extra.” The mother goes “I think we should head back now” the father goes “WAIT!” they both go “What?” the father replies “At the corner of my eyes I just saw the ‘red eyes’ go into a small cave of some sort.”

Paul replies “Lead the way” Paul hands the flashlight to the father as he leads everyone to either the cave where Kate was or death… Walking towards the cave they hear many sounds like birds, leaves almost like.. The bird is following them… they ignore it pushing the wind and the leaves, they climb a small hill, and over the top this “hill” is the cave that Kate’s father was talking about. The father goes  “That’s the cave” they slowly turn the big rock to peak in the cave, they see the “red eyes” they back off, the mother said to Paul “It’s there… I got a good look and it looks like.. an actual werewolf…” Paul replies “Then Kate must also be in that cave” Paul peaks the big rock besides the cave and sees the werewolf and next to it was Kate… Paul says to himself “Gotcha” Paul and the family runs to the cave only to be extremely frightened by Kate, she turned around. Smiling almost like she wasn’t herself. The father runs away as Paul and the mother stay long enough till the werewolf falls asleep, after the werewolf falls asleep they both walk into the cave very quietly picking up Kate. They grab Kate and start running out the cave as the werewolf starts to chase them almost like it was protecting Kate. Sprinting through the woods and bushes they lose the werewolf back behind some trees. Paul whispers “I think we lost it.” The mother replies “Yea I think we lost it back there” they start walking back home Kate was dead knocked out, was she frightened? Dead? Or maybe just tired… Kate wakes up while on Paul’s shoulder gasping like she was out of air. The mother yells “KATE, are you okay?” Kate replies with her weak voice “Yes mom I’m okay.” Paul and the mother go back to the house. As they enter the house Paul lays Kate back in her bed as she is dead (asleep). While no one is in the room, Kate wakes up, with red eyes… Kate goes “Goodnight mom and dad…” but it’s in a creepy, deep voice. Of course the family can’t see her red eyes. Kate’s mother and father respond “Goodnight” they are both creeped out, and decide to go check on her for one last time. Kate’s mother and father slowly enter her room to see Kate with.. Red eyes…both of them are frightened to see Kate as she vanishes to thin air, leaving a small trace of blood leading out the window and into the forest…

The End. Or, is it…