Remembering Dr. John Meeks, Founder of The Foundation Schools


“It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr. John Meeks, the Founder of The Foundation Schools. He passed away at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr. Meeks, the inspiration and founder of The Foundation Schools, was devoted to the mission of our programs and a champion of the students we serve. He left behind a tremendous legacy. The Foundation Schools had the privilege of benefiting from his guidance and leadership. He will be greatly missed by us all.” 

-Message by Gina James, M.A., CEO of The Foundation Schools, and The Foundation Schools Board of Directors


Staff Reflections:

“Dr. John Meeks, Founder of The Foundation Schools was committed to building a solid foundation to meet the complex psychological and special education needs of the very special children and adolescents we serve.  And as Dr. Meeks always said, our students are the ‘bravest individuals.’ He will be truly missed.”

-Lore Percival, CFO


“He really will be missed, I had the opportunity to learn from him and he taught me a lot.  He inspired my passion for people with substance abuse issues and I carry in my heart the wisdom I got from him.  RIP Dr. Meeks, and thank you.”

-Sheila Graham, MHS,CAC-AD, Program Therapist


“The ‘man that started it all,’ Dr .Meeks was a role model, a mentor, and an inspiration to me. Very few people have impacted my life as Dr. Meeks has. When I think about how his vision has grown, it makes me feel like anything is possible. I am going to truly miss him.”

-Joe Green, Foundation Links Attendance Coordinator


“Dr. Meeks was a visionary and an innovative person who had all the attributes of a great leader.  His leadership enabled a dream to become a reality in the formation of the Foundation School.  He was a leader, a teacher, a listener, a healer, an organizer who valued people and took the time to get know the students and staff.  I found Dr. Meeks to be particularly supportive and encouraging.  I learned a great deal from him and valued his expertise.  How great it is to celebrate the life of a man who impacted so many lives.” 

-Theresa McAlpine, LGSW, Director of Foundation Links


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More fond memories:


Dr. Meeks (left) accepting the prestigious national Schonfeld Award in 1998 from the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry for his lifetime contributions to child and adolescent psychiatry.



Mary Jane Kennelly, First Executive Director of The Foundation Schools and Dr. Meeks.


Supporting our annual Benefit fundraising event

L to R: Bob Adler, Dr. Meeks, Anita Meeks, Andrea Adler, Past CEO of The Foundation Schools, Carla McGill, The Foundation Schools Board Chair