Recognizing Staff Excellence: 2024 Core Value Awards!

Core Value Award 2024 Winners

Each year, our management team in each program carefully selects staff members who have done outstanding work demonstrating skills that advance their team and contribute to our students’ success. The Core Value Award recognizes staff members who echo our core values: Teamwork, Work Ethic, Integrity, Respect, and Leadership. A huge congratulations to our 2024 Core Value Award winners! 

Yvette Colvin, Director of Operations at The Foundation Schools

Yvette Colvin has dedicated an impressive 35 years to The Foundation Schools, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the organization. As the Director of Operations, her willingness to go above and beyond to support our mission reflects her strong belief in the power of teamwork. She exhibits a strong work ethic characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Integrity is a cornerstone of Ms. Colvin’s professional ethos, as she upholds high ethical standards in all her interactions and decision-making processes, earning the trust and respect of those around her. She treats everyone with dignity and respect, creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Ms. Colvin also embodies exemplary leadership qualities that inspire others to strive for excellence. She is an instrumental part of our organizational success and growth. Congratulations Ms. Colvin!


Trashawn Pearson, Program Assistant at The Foundation School in Largo High School

Ms. Pearson, aka Ms. Shawnie, exhibits all aspects of TWIRL as our high school Program Assistant. She is a great team player and is always willing to support staff members when needed. She is punctual and displays an impeccable work ethic throughout the day. Ms. Shawnie shows integrity through prompt communication of student needs. She is respectful to staff, students, parents, bus drivers, and county office leaders. Her leadership abilities shine through when ensuring students have a smooth transition to the bus and when filling in for other classrooms. We are honored to have her on the high school team! 


Gwendolyn Cook, Program Assistant at The Foundation School in Largo High School

Ms. Cook has been a fixture of The Foundation Schools for over 25 years! She is a truly thoughtful Program Assistant who supports all students and staff in our lower school program. Throughout her years of service, she has earned the respect of her students and colleagues, taking students under her wing and offering feedback with an honest yet caring touch. Ms. Cook has been a great help with training new staff and quickly jumps in to support lessons in the classroom. One of her favorite lessons is showing students how caterpillars turn into butterflies with care, love, and kindness. Much like a blossoming butterfly, Ms. Cook has transformed into the heart and soul of the lower school program. It is an honor to recognize her as this year’s Core Value winner!


Samantha Newman, Program Assistant at The Foundation Learning Center

Ms. Newman is a collaborative team player and a trusted Program Assistant. In addition to upholding our classrooms, Ms. Newman displays great leadership, becoming a TACT2 staff trainer and offering guidance and training to other colleagues. She embraces new challenges and uses them as opportunities for professional growth. Supporting our new Life Skills program, Ms. Newman plays an active role in our student-run design center and cooking internships. She has earned the respect and appreciation of her students and is a vital part of the FLC team!


Marcus Malone, Social Studies Teacher at The Foundation School of Montgomery County

Mr. Malone is the dynamic Social Studies Teacher in the FSMC high school program. From the moment you walk into his room, you instantly know that you are going to learn something new – even if you are a staff member. Whether it’s discovering a new historical figure from the posters on his wall, learning a random fact from watching Jeopardy during lunch, or developing a greater understanding of history from his multimedia presentations, Mr. Malone’s ability to keep his audience engaged has made him a dependable staff member in our school. Congratulations Mr. Malone!


Orlander Harris, Program Assistant at The Foundation School at Blair G. Ewing

Mr. Harris joined FSBE as a Program Assistant this year and exemplifies the professionalism, calm demeanor, and collaborative spirit that represents our core values. No matter the call or need, Mr. Harris will be there to support you. His calm, country tone and positive spirit uplifts our program and he has developed wonderful relationships with our students and staff. Mr. Harris’ leadership skills and vision for the school helped us manage program changes earlier in the year and continue to benefit our students’ school experience as he identifies areas for improvement. His growth this year has been tremendous and we are excited to see the bright future he has ahead of him.

We are grateful for their contributions that inspire our students, staff, and organization to TWIRL each day. Thank you for all that you do!