Incentivizing our Students

Incentivizing our Students (1)

Maintaining good grades can be a challenge for students struggling with an emotional disability, financial insecurity, and other obstacles that create barriers to their success. 

Distance learning impacted our students’ ability to re-engage and focus in the classroom. Luckily, our PBIS system is here to help! Positive behavior interventions and supports is a multi-tiered framework that supports the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral health of students (PBIS). For years, The Foundation Schools have used PBIS as a way to encourage positive behavior and reward students who meet their goals. We have witnessed the true impact it has on our students.

Last month, the high school’s PBIS goal was for students to achieve grades of C or higher. Staff worked with each student individually to create the opportunities necessary for them to meet this goal, while at the same time incentivizing them with a fun trip to the Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC. We are proud to report that four of our incredibly hard-working students met their goals and reaped the reward!