Giving Tuesday 24-Hour Fundraising Challenge!


#EmpowertheFuture success of our students with emotional and behavioral disabilities by providing them with career and college opportunities and resources through the *Career Connections program! Will you help?

More than 80 percent of The Foundation Schools  students from across the greater Washington area live in poverty, but today you can bridge the gap to ensure our students have the means to OBTAIN post-secondary success with opportunities they would not otherwise receive.

$500*: Provides bus transportation for 25 students  to and from post-secondary events (i.e. college tours, career fairs,  etc.)

$400: Provides one students with driver’s education at  Drive Alive Driving School

$250: Provides one student with a SAT prep course

$100: Provides critical supplies for the “Strive to Succeed Workroom” (In- school internship for high school students)

$50: Covers college application and transcript fees for one student

$25: Covers community college application fee for one student

Thank you for helping to #EmpowertheFuture of our students and communities!

*For a minimum contribution of $500 to the Career Connections program, any individual or business in Maryland is eligible to receive tax credits equal to 50% of the contribution.

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Follow these three easy steps to make an IMPACT:

1) Create a #EmpowertheFuture fundraising team

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2) Tell Your Friends!
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3) Let the Challenge Begin!
The #EmpowertheFuture Giving Tuesday challenge begins on November 29, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. and ends on November 30, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. 

What is the Career Connections program?:

The Foundation Schools’ Career Connections program helps our students successfully transition from The Foundation Schools to post-secondary education or the world of work through the provision of career assessments/curriculum materials, business attire, testing/ placement fees, transportation costs, training and job coaching programs, field trips, college fairs/ tours, vocational training and other necessary preparation tools. Not only does it provide tools and opportunities in a small and individualized environment, but our students also receive direct support from the program through internship and externship opportunities including TFS Strive to Succeed Workroom and coordination with community partners. These supervised work-based learning experiences help students to develop their social skills and work ethic while enabling them to successfully transition from school to meaningful employment.