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We all have trouble making good choices, but our students’ challenges cause them to struggle more than others. Our students often have difficulty making the right choices inside and outside of school. To encourage and help them grow, The Foundation Schools has developed a school-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) program in our schools that promotes teaching, recognizing and reinforcing positive student behaviors. Our PBIS program includes encouragement through incentive trips and activities, honor roll awards, community center time, school store rewards, pop-up incentives. The goal is to foster positive choices and a positive school culture.

Our students often have limited exposure to the world outside their neighborhoods and don’t have access to opportunities often experienced by their peers. Our PBIS system fills this gap, allowing students to broaden their interests outside of what can be provided by their families and practice social skills in unfamiliar settings. In most school systems, parents cover the cost of field trips including transportation, entrance fees, and lunch. However, 80% of the student population at The Foundation Schools qualify for free and reduced price meals, so we are unable to rely on a PTA or parent groups to cover these expenses.

Your donation will expand our students’ horizons and motivate them to make positive choices today that will fuel their future success. Thank you for your support!

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