A Year to Remember – TFS 2022 Recap Video

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As we settle into the new year, we cannot forget the amazing accomplishments we made last year. We were able to expand our programs to more students who need them, celebrate our hard working staff who have dedicated years of immeasurable service to our schools, and host several fundraisers to support our students’ academic and basic needs. None of these accomplishments would be possible without the incredible support that you, our donors, partners, and staff, have shown our schools. As a nonprofit, nonpublic school, we work hard to create better opportunities for our students with emotional disabilities and autism and ensure they receive the services they need to succeed in life. It’s thanks to you that we were able to continue to address the needs of our students and had a spectacular 2022! Here is a look back at the milestones we reached together last year. Thank you for helping our students create the courage to change! Watch our 2022 Recap Video here