We change lives every day.

Championing students with emotional disabilities and social, emotional, and learning challenges.

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How We Help

Transforming students by building skills to succeed in school and life.

Behavior Management


Therapeutic Supports


Speech Language


Occupational Therapy


Academic Programs

Our curriculum adheres to Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards and is tailored to each student’s specific learning needs.

Elementary/Middle School student

Elementary/Middle School

Grades K-8*

Programming focuses on improving student achievement and reducing problem behaviors, with a strong emphasis on basic skills and higher-order thinking. *Grade range varies per location.

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High School student

High School

Grades 9-12

High school students’ educational needs are defined by their Individualized Educational Programs with an emphasis on post-secondary goals, including career exploration and college readiness.

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Autism Program

Autism Program

Foundation Learning Center

An innovative 12-month program and support services for students with autism, developmental delays, and other learning challenges serving students in grades K-12, with specialization in certificate track students in grades 9-12.

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Three Maryland Locations

Largo, MD

The Foundation School


Elementary/Middle School: Grades K-8
High School: Grades 9-12

1330 McCormick Drive
Largo, MD 20774

Map of Foundation Schools with stars showing locations and featuring Largo

Gaithersburg, MD

The Foundation School of Montgomery County


Elementary/Middle School: Grades 1-8
High School: Grades 9-12

220 Girard Street, Suite 300
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Map of Foundation Schools with stars showing locations and featuring Gaithersburg

Landover, MD

The Foundation Learning Center


K-12 Autism Program

855 Brightseat Road, Suite 855
Landover, MD 20785

Map of Foundation Schools with stars showing locations and featuring Landover

At A Glance


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“You're always there for me. Thanks for the help all year staying by my side.”

- High school student

“The Foundation School in Montgomery County (FSMC) helped me accomplish my goal of graduating high school.”

- Tiera I.

“I have been going to school more often. The instruction here at The Foundation School in Montgomery County (FSMC) is different than the public school that didn't have the right tools. Without FSMC, I would not be going to school.”

- Luke J.

“Coming to The Foundation Schools gave me the new start I needed and I was ready. Things just seemed to keep getting better. Where I previously had negative school experiences, at The Foundation Schools, I was connecting with people that would eventually change my life and my attitude about my education. With the guidance and support I received, I finally felt that I could have a productive, fruitful future if I kept working and kept the commitment I made to myself to get to this stage. Even though I liked the school, many days my behaviors got the best of me, but the staff saw me through and they did not give up on me, even on my worst days.”

- Christina R (graduation remarks)

“I know the people sitting here today and those that support you feel the same way about you. They believe in us. Let's make them proud and give our lives everything that we have to give, because you never know what good things may come out of them.”

- Shakia P (Valedictorian , class of 2015)

“I highly recommend The Foundation Schools. Talking from experience, we received the best. There was no question that went unanswered by the exceptional staff.”

- Ms. Felecia Taylor