The Foundation School of Montgomery County - Gaithersburg, MD
Key Staff
Caroline Cregan, MD
Consulting Psychiatrist

Caroline Cregan, MD is a consulting psychiatrist for The Foundation School of Montgomery County. She is also currently a consulting psychiatrist for a children’s mobile crisis team provided by Catholic Charities where she participates in case reviews and presents on child psychiatry topics. Previously, she worked at National Institute of Mental Health in clinical research which involved children and adolescents with a special focus in autism spectrum disorders and their psychiatric
comorbidities. She has experience in multiple settings, including inpatient units, extended inpatient hospitalization units, outpatient clinics, and a research facility. She completed her fellowship at Yale Child Study Center.

“I just love the idea of working with providers from different disciplines. We all have different training and various roles which help create a broader picture of the whole child. This also means everyone has a unique way of helping that child make changes, which all work together for better outcomes.”

Tamiko Lobaugh, M.A.

Ms. Tamiko Lobaugh, M.A., has worked at The Foundation Schools for 15 years in different capacities. As of August 2015, Ms. Lobaugh is the newly appointed principal of The Foundation School of Montgomery County. Her background includes a M.A. Ed. H.D. with a specialization in children with emotional and behavioral disabilities from The George Washington University. Ms. Lobaugh’s passion is to develop a wholesome school environment where the students feel safe to take the risks necessary to make academic and social/emotional progress.

“My greatest professional joy is seeing students who have encountered constant failure come to believe that they can be successful in school and that they can turn success in school into success in life.”

Desiree Davis, M.A.
Education Director

Working for The Foundation Schools for four years as the Education Director, Ms. Desiree Davis, M.A., exercises her passion to train adults to work effectively with children who have severe emotional and behavioral needs in a school setting. Ms. Davis holds a M.A. in Education, specifically in working with students with EBD and specializes in teaching, administration and staff development.

“You are either meant to work in this field or not. It takes more than patience to commit yourself to serving the needs of fragile students. It takes character and perseverance to care for a child’s well-being in spite of the many daily challenges that are encountered.”

Katrina Colleton, LCPC, LCMFT
Clinical Director

Ms. Katrina Colleton LCPC, LCMFT, the Clinical Director of The Foundation School of Montgomery County, has more than 20 years of experience working with children and families in a variety of counseling settings. Prior to coming to the Foundation Schools seven years ago, she was the Montgomery County Regional Director for a company providing intensive in-home family counseling services to Montgomery County youth involved with the DJS and DHHS systems. Ms. Colleton is dedicated to helping students heal from trauma, improving support systems for students, building a strong program and teaching students life skills.

“The work we do at the Foundation School impacts the lives of not only our students but the lives of people in their community, in their family, and the generations that will come after them.”

Paul Brooks
Behavior Coordinator

Mr. Brooks has worked for The Foundation Schools for 17 years and serves as the Behavior Coordinator. As a former military drill sergeant, Mr. Brooks brings dependability, consistency, integrity and a sense of fairness. His areas of expertise include mediation, conflict resolution with special expertise in working with the parents of students with emotional disabilities and living and practicing the Golden Rule.

“This job is not for everybody, it takes a special kind of person.”

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