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Summary: The Principal is an experienced inspirational school leader responsible for the daily operation of administering and supervising the school program for all special education students.  The principal is responsible for all aspects of the school program from personnel to curriculum and program planning such that the educational, clinical, and behavioral needs of students are met.  Knowledgeable of special education law and practices is essential. Through building strong relationships with families, students, faculty and staff, the Principal will ensure a culture in which students and adults are supported in achieving excellence and everyone in the school community is accountable for results. The Principal will provide direction to school personnel to ensure financially sound policies and procedures are implemented and practiced, and compliance with all applicable regulations and guidelines is maintained. The Principal will act as a liaison to the community and local school systems’ personnel to build awareness and support for the Foundation Schools Programs. The Principal works closely with all Directors under the direction of the CEO to ensure the fulfillment of the mission, vision and core values of The Foundation Schools.


Leadership and Management

  • Adheres to and enforces in a timely manner all Foundation School policies and procedures
  • Ensures that all school personnel are knowledgeable of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) as well as other related laws and regulations
  • Monitors and directs the school operations in accordance with all local, state and district regulations ensuring full compliance on a daily basis
  • Provides accurate and timely submission of state, district, local school system, and Foundation School reports (annual, statistical, program, and department) as requested
  • Maintains accurate databases and files of former and current students
  • Establishes and ensures a safe, secure and orderly environment conducive for effective teaching /learning to occur
  • Implements the school’s annual budget
  • Adheres to all budgetary requirements as set forth by The Foundation Schools
  • Monitors the school’s enrollment and implements changes to make appropriate and timely staffing and purchasing adjustments to maintain budget expectations
  • Supervises the admissions process to ensure appropriate student enrollment is maximized and adhered to
  • Maintains an inventory of equipment and instructional materials
  • Ensures proper care and handling of student files in accordance with state, district, and local school system guidelines
  • Maintains the safety, security, and cleanliness  of the school facilities  
  • Keeps abreast of Special Education laws, regulations, policies and best practices; communicate those to school staff on an on-going basis

Staffing and Supervision

  • Assists with the recruitment, selection, assessment and evaluation of staff
  • Provides direct observation, coaching and evaluation for school personnel utilizing regular feedback cycles and clear performance metrics as set forth by The Foundation Schools
  • Keeps the Directors abreast of staffing needs in a timely manner
  • Ensures proper staffing for all activities to meet state and district regulations
  • Complies with all HR policies and procedures
  • Works with staff to identify professional development needs and assists them in developing their professional development plans on an annual basis
  • Plans, facilitates, and implements school based professional development in consultation with CEO
  • Schedules and conducts regular school staff meetings
  • Ensures all guests, visitors and interns  are following The Foundation School policies and procedures

Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

  • Executes a school wide vision for instruction and culture as set for by The Foundation Schools
  • Executes school –based strategic plan with actionable, measurable goals and regularly monitors progress toward goals by collecting and analyzing data as set forth by The Foundation Schools
  • Assists with the identification and selection of scientific, research-based instructional strategies and interventions for all students to enable them to progress in the general education curriculum and meet Common Core State Standards
  • Ensures that students evaluations and IEPs are in compliance, accurate, aligned, and up-to date
  • Ensures that daily instruction and programming are aligned to each student’s IEP goals
  • Implements and oversees a school-wide Positive Behavior Support Program as set forth by The Foundation Schools
  • Implements summative and formative assessments as per Foundation Schools and district and state mandates to measure student progress
  • Submits data regarding student progress as requested
  • Supervises all school related special programs including LINKS and Career Connections
  • Recommends, implements and supervises all extra curricular activities
  • Oversees the Extended School Year (ESY) program and submits required reports

Stakeholder Relationships

  • Attends meetings and trainings conducted by local, state and district school systems that are recommended and/or offered to nonpublic school administrators as approved by the CEO
  • Develops and maintains open lines of on-going communication and positive working relationships with students, families, state, district, and/or local school system representatives and community stakeholders, investing them in the school’s vision
  • Manages parent inquiries, calls, visits and concerns in a timely manner
  • Provides timely, accurate, and factual information to CEO regarding significant concerns raised by students, staff, parents/guardians, community stake holders, state, district, and/or local school system representatives
  • Encourage family involvement in the school
  • Works with higher education institutions to establish practicum and internship opportunities for their students

The Principal performs and assumes other responsibilities as delegated and assigned.



  • Master’s degree or higher in Special Education or related field
  • Minimum of 5 years of school leadership experience of which at least 3 years must be in a special education capacity
  • Must hold or meet Maryland professional special education certification or licensing requirements
  • Demonstrated knowledge of special education law, regulations and best practices
  • Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience that provide the knowledge, abilities and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position may be considered


  • Eligible for or hold a current Maryland Administration or Supervision and special education certification or licensure