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Education Director (Lower School)

The Educational Director oversees the instructional program by ensuring grade level curriculum is implemented, teaching strategies are modified to meet students IEPs and individual needs, and appropriate classroom management strategies are utilized.  They supervise the teachers and assigned staff by providing observation, supervision, and feedback to enhance the effectiveness of the instructional program.  They maintain a knowledge base of the local school systems current instructional and graduation requirements, and adapt the instructional program to match those requirements.  The Educational Director works closely with members of the management team to oversee daily operations of the school program. This is a 12-month position.

Education, Experience and Certification Requirements:

  • Master’s degree or higher in special education or related field is required
  • MSDE Advanced Professional certification or eligibility for MSDE Advanced Professional certification in special education or administration
  • Five or more years of experience in an education setting, preferably working with students with emotional disabilities is preferred
  • Knowledge of IDEA and its specific applications to educating students with special education needs and emotional and other disabilities
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • Knowledge of curriculum and curriculum adaptations for students with disabilities
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) abilities are a plus

Key Job Functions:

  • Establish expectations for teachers on standards for classroom structure, instructional lessons, and classroom management; supervise, coach, and counsel teachers on performance expectations
  • Ensure teachers utilize a variety of instructional methods, adapt the curriculum to meet individual needs and ensure IEP accommodations are provided
  • Ensure that all teachers have access to the curriculum and IEPs, and ensure that teachers are able to demonstrate how to access the curriculum and IEPs at all times
  • Monitor the writing and implementation of lesson and/or unit plans
  • Conduct regularly scheduled department meetings, supervision sessions, and instruction based professional development for the instructional staff to enhance their effectiveness in the program; report to management team areas of concern
  • Monitor and supervise the diagnostic prescriptive teacher(s) to ensure state mandated testing is implemented according to guidelines
  • Update and maintain students’ transcripts or educational records with required information
  • Update credit checklist for high school students at enrollment and upon course completion to ensure credit requirements are met and tracked appropriately, create and distribute schedules for new students
  • Review student files to ensure documents, such as report cards, interims, and transcripts, are appropriately completed and filed
  • Supervise the IEP Coordinator on all aspects of the IEP process (IEP development, meetings, trainings, documentation, etc.)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of LEA course sequence to ensure proper scheduling for students
  • Ensure teachers are effectively communicating with parents/guardians about students’ academic and behavior progress and reporting other issues as needed
  • Oversee the media center and collaborate with the librarian to ensure appropriate materials and equipment are available to promote the effective use of the library by teachers and students; ensure the library inventory meets COMAR regulations
  • Order and maintain an accurate inventory of appropriate equipment and classroom instructional materials, both print and non-print, which adhere to COMAR regulations; recommend instructional materials, and educational software appropriate for use in the special education environment
  • Provide direction to staff during crisis and non-crisis situations to assist staff with improving behavior management skills and decision making skills; manage the need for additional staff in crisis situations and direct staff back to other duties when appropriate; facilitate debriefing sessions with staff to review incidents and identify people responsible for completing required documentation
  • Follow suspension determination protocol and notify the appropriate staff of suspension determination
  • Implement and ensure staff uses the points and/or levels systems consistently; provide regular feedback, counseling and coaching to staff on their execution of the systems
  • Conduct and maintain documentation on observations of assigned staff to evaluate staff’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, and to monitor program quality; meet with staff to discuss observations and develop performance improvement plans as necessary
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current special education laws and regulations including IDEA, FERPA, COMAR, and DCMR; monitor staff compliance with laws and regulations
  • Participate and contribute to the management team by actively participating in management meetings, sharing information, and observations to improve school programing
  • Work with other members of the management team and school staff, to determine the student and/or program needs and adjust interventions and practices, to best meet those needs; work with team to develop interventions and/or incentive plans when appropriate
  • Contribute to the development, implementation, and monitoring of the school’s annual goals.
  • Assist with the interviewing, hiring, supervision, coaching, progressive counseling, and termination process for teachers and other assigned support staff; complete performance evaluations and individual goal creation for assigned staff