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Education Director – Autism Program

Education, Experience and Certification Requirements:

  • Master’s degree or higher in special education or related field is required
  • MSDE Advanced Professional certification or eligibility for MSDE Advanced Professional certification in special education or administration
  • Five or more years of experience in an education setting working with students on the autism spectrum is preferred
  • Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) certification preferred
  • Work at Certified Autism Center (CAC) preferred
  • Experience with program development is preferred
  • Understanding and experience using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Knowledge of IDEA and its specific applications to educating students with special education needs, autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities as well as students who demonstrate social emotional difficulties
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • Knowledge of curriculum and curriculum adaptations for students with disabilities
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) abilities are a plus


  • Monitor the daily functions of the entire program and all staff
  • Assist with overall program development and supervision
  • Establish expectations for teachers on standards for classroom structure, instructional lessons, and classroom management; supervise, coach, and counsel teachers on performance expectations
  • Ensure teachers utilize a variety of instructional methods, adapt the curriculum to meet individual needs and ensure IEP accommodations are provided
  • Conduct regularly scheduled program meetings, supervision sessions, and instruction based professional development for staff to enhance their effectiveness in the program; report to management team areas of concern
  • Review student files to ensure documents that are required according to Foundation School policy and state and district regulations are appropriately completed and filed (IEP, Clinical and behavioral related documents)
  • Conduct IEP Meetings
  • Ensure teachers are effectively communicating with parents/guardians about students’ academic and behavior progress and reporting other issues as needed
  • Provide direction to staff during crisis and non-crisis situations to assist staff with improving behavior management skills and decision making skills; manage the need for additional staff in crisis situations and direct staff back to other duties when appropriate; facilitate debriefing sessions with staff to review incidents and identify people responsible for completing required documentation
  • Conduct and maintain documentation on observations of assigned staff to evaluate staff’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, and to monitor program quality; meet with staff to discuss observations and develop performance improvement plans as necessary
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current special education laws and regulations including IDEA, FERPA, COMAR, and DCMR; monitor staff compliance with laws and regulations
  • Work with other members of the management team and school staff, to determine the student and/or program needs and adjust interventions and practices, to best meet those needs; work with team to develop interventions and/or incentive plans when appropriate
  • Assist with the interviewing, hiring, supervision, coaching, progressive counseling, and termination process for teachers and other assigned support staff; complete performance evaluations and individual goal creation for assigned staff
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of verbal de-escalation skills to manage student behaviors; utilize the behavior continuum in order to use or consider the use of the least restrictive behavioral interventions necessary; use effective, appropriate, and approved strategies during a crisis including the participation in seclusions, therapeutic holds, escorts, and student restraints when necessary; consistently, and appropriately utilize and model TACT 2 techniques or classroom behavior management strategies