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Diagnostic Prescriptive Teacher

(10 Month Position)

Education, Experience and Certification

  • Master’s degree in education or special education is required
  • Completion of courses related to testing and assessment
  • MSDE certification or eligibility for MSDE certification required in special education
  • Three or more years of experience in a special education setting preferred
  • Experience in testing and/or assessments of students
  • Knowledge of IDEA and its specific applications to educating students with special education needs and emotional and other disabilities preferred
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) abilities are a plus

Key Job Functions

Manage all aspects of state mandated assessments to include meeting all pre and posttest administrative deadlines, maintaining test security, monitoring adherence to all testing protocols, ensuring all accommodations are provided and maintaining sufficient testing materials; work with the technology department to ensure all technology systems are available and working

Interpret students’ testing, assessment data, education records, and IEP, and use the data to assist teachers in implementing differential instructional strategies and accommodations

Conduct classroom observations and provide relevant feedback to staff about instructional and behavioral strategies and classroom practices; share information and observations with management team to improve school programming

Maintain and communicate accurate records of student data, including IEP requirements, past educational history, and student transcripts to ensure that information regarding student accommodations and disability codes are entered into the database and disseminated to all staff

Demonstrate knowledge of all educational interventions and resources; ensure teachers are using the resources in their classrooms

Prepare and train all students and staff throughout the school year to ensure student readiness and proper staff administration and proctoring of state and district tests

Assist the educational director(s) to ensure appropriate instructional materials for each subject and grade levels are available.

Demonstrate knowledge of graduation requirements of all local school systems and requirements for all state mandated assessments

Demonstrate knowledge of current special education regulations, and guidelines as they pertain to state assessments, testing, accommodations, IEPs, and instruction

Assist with the interviewing, hiring, supervision, coaching, progressive counseling, and termination process for assigned staff and support staff; complete performance evaluations and individual goal creation and review for assigned staff

Attend regularly scheduled departmental meetings and report to management team areas of concern

Demonstrate an understanding of how our students’ disabilities impact their behavior and ability to learn; display knowledge of students’ diagnoses and adapt intervention strategies accordingly to meet the requirements of the students’ IEPs and BIPs

Effectively manage student behavior through the implementation of the behavior management system, school rules, policies, and procedures; model appropriate behavior for the students during the school day

Proactively identify behaviors among all students that could lead to a crisis, an unsafe situation or disrupt the learning environment; use effective behavior management techniques to address these behaviors in order to limit the severity and length of disruptions

Proactively provide supervision of students to ensure the safety and security of the school program at all times

Maintain student confidentiality in accordance with The Foundation Schools Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Statement and student record confidentiality procedures

Demonstrate appropriate use of verbal de-escalation skills to manage student behaviors; utilize the behavior continuum in order to use or consider the use of the least restrictive behavioral interventions necessary; use effective, appropriate, and approved strategies during a crisis including the participation in seclusions, therapeutic holds, escorts, and student restraints when necessary; consistently and appropriately utilize and model TACT 2 techniques or classroom behavior management strategies

Work with teachers, therapists, school leaders, and other team members to determine the student and/or classroom needs, and adjust interventions and practices to best meet those needs; work with team to develop interventions and/or incentive plans when appropriate